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(for Frank O'Hara)






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Time Gap

for Frank O’Hara


It’s 6:23pm and there’s a time gap tonight

where I’ll have about an hour with nothing to do

and nowhere to go. Have to be out of the house

by 8. Can’t be where I’m going until about 9.

So I thought I would check out the library

but it closes at 5. And I’m on a diet

so I really shouldn’t go to the Portuguese barbeque

on 516. I guess I can stop and get a drink

at the bar up the street because

alcohol and company combat boredom.

I’ve been resting because I was doing work

for two hours after baking a cake at 2 when I got

home at 1:45 for my mother who’s birthday

was yesterday. I have to leave here by 8 which

means I should start getting ready at 7:15 and I should

pack my bag after that. My hairbrush will be the last thing

I pack because I have to use it before I go and

I already have a toothbrush there.

And when did I become so worried about the time

of day and how many minutes it would take me to

shove some clothes in a bag and hop in the Honda?

Used to be I would sit around until the sun went down

and find somewhere to have fun. Used to be I saw people

when I saw them and hardly ever knew

in advance.