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He whispers in his thinking while he’s thinking

of moving across across the way of the ways of crowding

around his feet around the ways of the way

he’s thinking of moving across to

guide him guiding him showing him

with flashing hands to go and go and go

bristling through dark and light he whispers

in his thinking that maybe it’s not helping

aiding showing the correctness of moving

at the time during today that he corrects the way

he’s moving down the intangible ladder of the horizontal

ladder of the way he’s falling down until it drops. Filtering

thinking filtering walking filtering the way of all the ways

he must drop down to leveling off the way he’s light

and whispering over the din of walking of walking of  making

the way easier in ways of easiness in ways of making thinking

easier that way the way he knows whispering is telling

instructing wondering which way he’s whispering in thinking

to go and go and go and watch the ways of falling and the ways

of walking and the ways of the way that we go when we’re

whispering on the way.