Sarah is a writer and professor based out of New Jersey and New York City.  She earned her B.A. in English from Rutgers University and her MFA in Creative Writing from Long Island University, Brooklyn.  Her work has been featured in several literary journals and she has had a memoir published on Amazon.  Currently, she is working on a series of children's books as well as a new collection of poetry.  

Open for readings, 
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"Thoughts on Higher Education, Writing and Communication."


A description of a town that we all know. A town in New Jersey where the middle class 
grew up  and experienced the middle class life. 
A blue collar town with woods and places for us to hide. This is the memoir of a girl who grew up in Suburbia, only to move back years later when she had been trained to write about it, and the story of the people and places that made it home.


Being from New Jersey, Sarah is saddened by the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy.  Read her Love Letter to the Jersey Shore here and please consider volunteering or donating to help.  You can visit the Sandy Relief Fund to help.  We are still rebuilding!